Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Life's been good...good and busy!!

Busy, Busy, has been a busy few weeks. So busy that I'm wayyyyyyyyyy overdue for my port flush, I'm slowly but surely leaving cancer in the dust!

So much to tell...let's start with the annual "Teal Magnolia Luncheon", which I attended on Saturday March 27th. Teal Magnolia is a luncheon hosted by the Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Florida...the lovely group of women who do so much for the education and awareness of Ovarian Cancer. It's so nice to see so many people come out in support of this not so silent disease, I am humbled and inspired by all of my sisters who are fighting this disease. It's also nice to see my nurses and doctors outside of the hospital or chemo room. You put your trust & life in the hands of these individuals for months and in some cases years, I remain grateful to them all for the care I received and the care the continue to dole out to others.

The hard part about the luncheon for me is always coming face to face with my sisters who are still in the fight, those who continue to go through recurrence after recurrence. It's interesting, when I was first diagnosed I remember saying on more than one occasion "Why me?" I find myself saying "why them?"...haven't they been through enough? It's a great reminder that the fight is not over and that I'm fighting for me and all of those who aren't up to the fight.

The other highlight of my time away from my blog has been the release of the movie I worked on last summer "Letters To God". It's a story of hope. The story of an eight-year old boy in the fight of his life with cancer and while fighting he manages to inspire all of those around him. It's a bit of a tear-jerker but it's an even bigger message of hope. If you're reading this blog, I'm asking you to take your friends and family to see "Letters To God". Whether you are Christian or not, we need more people to wake up and think about someone other than themselves. Life's too short and we must enjoy every moment that we have here...when I think of all of the children who are suffering and who have yet to LIVE life, I think who am I to complain?

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l'optimiste said...

all this 'busyness' is great isn't it? I am sure we would have complained more BC? ;o) So happy about your movie - wish we could see it here!

And also, mega happy that you are doing so well. I can't believe you didn't post that beautiful photo of you at the Teal Magnolia lunch? C'mon, put it on there, it's fab

Kia Taylor said...

The pic's up Sandhy!!! xoxo